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Reflective Sleeve

Reflective Sleeve


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HMS Reflective Sleeve

HINSON Motorsports is proud to release these flexible heat reflective sleeves. They have hook and loop fastening sewn in place with Kevlar/ Stainless Steel thread. The sleeves come in 4 diameters and are 40?g nominal length.

Choose the diameter needed for your project.

Sizing chart:

  • HMS Flex-Removable Sleeve (X-Small) 3/8?ǥ-1/2?ǥ Diameter
  • HMS Flex-Removable Sleeve (Small) 1/2 ?ǥ- 7/8?ǥ Diameter
  • HMS Flex-Removable Sleeve (Medium) 7/8 ?ǥ- 1 3/8?ǥ Diameter
  • HMS Flex-Removable Sleeve (Large) 1 1/2 - 2?ǥ Diameter
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