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Nissan 350Z LS V8 Swap Engine & Transmission Mount Kit LS1 LS2 LS3 LS7

Nissan 350Z LS V8 Swap Engine & Transmission Mount Kit LS1 LS2 LS3 LS7


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350Z LSx V8 Mounting Equipment.
Our engine design places the engine in the best rear position possible. This position allows you to use our custom built rear sump oil design with filter pad. Additionally, our engine oil pan includes the oil filter mount. This is a great convenience that eliminates the need to mount a remote oil filter. Don't trust your expensive V8 engine to a cheap front sump oil pan that can cause oil starvation and engine failure during high acceleration and lateral G's!

Our improved engine position also allows the use of the stock or aftermarket equivalent radiators. Other designs require the radiator to be pushed forward which further complicates the installation. The HINSON mounts do not require a custom cooling system, and a radiator hose & clamp package is available from us to make your Nissan radiator work with the LSx V8.

An additional advantage of the V8 placement used by HINSON allows for easier installation of a shifter. You can use the stock Pontiac GTO shifter. This will dramatically reduce the overall cost of the build.

  • Engine Mounts
  • Transmission Mount
  • Custom Oil Pan
  • Driveshaft

Note: The oil pan is a structural part of the engine. We do not recommend modifying your own pan. Used oil pans are cannot be modified. They are almost guaranteed to leak.
The firewall will require a small modification. This is a minor service that cannot be seen after the engine is installed. The clearance can be accomplished by even the most basic installer. Detailed instructions are available.
Our engine brackets bolt to the stock Nissan engine rubber mounts - this approach saves you money by allowing you to use existing quality parts from your car.
HINSON Urethane Engine Mounts (OEM Height) - Corvette C5 C6 GTO can be installed if desired.

Average lead time for this product is 4 weeks.

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