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Hinson Motorsports

FD RX7 20B 3 Rotor Engine Mounting Equipment

FD RX7 20B 3 Rotor Engine Mounting Equipment


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Hinson Motorsports is the leading company in LSX RX7 builds and performance. Due to popular demand, we have built 20B subframes for the diehard rotary fan. Similar in design to our LSX V8 subframes, this is a bolt-in solution for the 20B three rotor conversion. Our design will allow you to use your existing transmission brace and power plant frame. There is no modification needed to the rest of the car or driveline.

Unlike our competition, we do not cut and weld spindles to correct the suspension. Your 20B subframe will be shipped with our street and track proven bump steer correction.

Note:Be aware of cheaper copies of our parts. There are companines making scary poor quality copies of our design. If it looks like it was MIG welded in a home garage, stay away from it.

No cores are required. Kit includes new subframe, bumpsteer correction, and aluminum engine mounts.

Average lead time for this product is 6 weeks.

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