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GTO Shifter Base - B Stock

GTO Shifter Base - B Stock


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These shifter bases are high quality, fully functional Hinson shifter bases but have some aesthetic flaws in the black base coating.

Compatible parts:

* If using GTO Threaded Handle (Does not fit factory knob)

Hinson Motorsports is proud to announce our Short Throw Shifter. These shifters were designed for the GTO and Corvette enthusiast who is tired of the sloppy stock shifter. We built the best way to shorten throws and narrow the gate distance between gears in your vehicle. We also found innovative ways to ensure your product will last for years to come. For example, we do not utilize any springs in our shifters like other competitors do. The base is anodized aluminum with internal seals to help keep the transmission fluid in and the elements out.

The Hinson Motorsports short throw shifter only uses the highest quality components. We utilize anodized aluminum, hardened steel alloys, and high grade oxide coated hardware. Hinson Motorsports shifter hardware is black oxide coated grade 10 Aluminum. Our hardware will not rust, and the extra bolt size will also handle all the hard shifts without the fear of breaking bolts in the shifter. We have also addressed problems with our competition's shifters - such as broken stubs. We utilize harder material and made the bolts larger, 7/16" stubs compared to the competition's smaller 3/8" stubs, to make sure the shift is delivered every time.


  • The Short Throw Shifter was designed with no internal centering springs, so you will never have to worry about missing gears due to wear.
  • With its interchangeable handle, there is no compromise on handle location for both left and right hand drive cars.
  • Includes Hardened 7/16" stubs
  • Engineered for precision shifts & closer gates.
  • Delivers Every Shift Every Time.

Package Includes:

  • Shifter Assembly
  • Installation Hardware

This product will install with basic hand tools, a floor jack, and jack stands in a matter of a few hours.

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