TBSS Twin Fuel Pump Installation Notes by HINSON Motorsports

First off, thank you for choosing HINSON Motorsports to help with your fuel system needs. We are a small family run business that focuses on quality and customer service. It is important to us that you have a good experience with this installation. Please let us know if you have any questions or installation concerns. Contact us via email to support "at" or call 205-909-9402. 

This version of our installation guide is being written to provide parameters for installation. Most of our customer installations will vary based on their need or race application, so this will not be a step by step guide. Read through the following notes and feel free to contact us with suggestions or questions.

Highlights –

  • Pump Location - Measure the to the bottom of the tank and set the fuel pump socks just off the floor of the tank. The socks should not be smashed against the bottom of the tank.
  • Electronics –
    • Twin fuel pump wiring –
      • The two pump wire sets are pulled through the hat for you. They were paired together for easy identification.
      • We now offer dual fuel pump wiring control and is sold separately. If you do not see this on our website, please contact us for a direct purchase.
      • Pump Control – Installers choice to run both pumps continuously or control the pumps individually. Most applications will run on a single pump and turn the second pump on by demand either by hobs switch or ECU output. Running both pumps continuously and bypassing the fuel back the to tank could cause the fuel to warm unnecessarily.
    • Fuel Level Installation – Transfer the factory fuel level sensor to the square mount on the back of the fuel pump holder. You will cut the factory fuel bucket to remove the sending unit bracket and connect it to the holder on the back of the new module. Set the height of the fuel leveler to be equal to the aluminum twin fuel pump holder. This will keep roughly 3/8” of fuel in the tank to avoid fuel starvation.
      • The mounting square on the dual fuel pump module may need to be relocated for optimum positioning.
    • Fuel Hat Ports: There are two #8 outlet ports and a single #6 port.
      • #8 Ports –
        • Use the 90* deg bulkhead for your fuel outlet. If you want to run a #10 fuel line, we recommend using a #8 to #10 Female to Male adapter on the outside of the tank. The #8 “restriction” is so short in length that it should flow sufficiently for most installations.
        • The second #8 port is for the return.
      • #6 Port – This bulkhead was installed for the purpose of installing a fuel tank vent. It is critical that you fuel tank be able to expand and contract with temperature changes. Your installation may vent this to the atmosphere, the factory charcoal canister, or to a custom filter application.
        • IMPORTANT - The vent line must terminate to a place higher than the fuel tank highest point. If it is lower the top of the tank, fuel will spill out of your vent prior to the tank filling up.
        • A roll over valve is highly suggested (not included)
      • Mounting the fuel pump hat by using the same locking ring that held in the factory fuel pump assembly. Some applications will require the transfer of a gasket from the factory fuel pump assembly to the new HINSON billet aluminum ring.
      • Fuel Plumbing
        • A return style regulator will be required.
        • Connections are AN style and required for safe plumbing. This is not compatible with stock fuel lines.
        • Plumbing “packages” will be available in the future through HINSON Motorsports.

IMPORTANT: Connections and Fittings – While the unit is assembled in advance, many connections are finger tight to allow the installer to orientate the parts as needed. The installer is responsible for making sure all connections are leak free.

 If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us for support. We want to make sure that your project is a success. Thank you!