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Remote Clutch Bleeder Line C6, C7 & C6 Z06 Corvette

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NOW FOR C6 & C7 Corvette! Bleeding the late model GM hydraulic system in it's stock form is a bear. HINSON Motorsports is taking great strides in making things much easier on you. At 4'+ in length, you're able to route the remote bleeder line to nearly anywhere on the car you want. Here in house, we usually zip tie it to a brake line coming out of the brake master cylinder. This makes it easy to reach with the hood popped.

Instead of hassling with your hydraulic system every time you want to bleed it, rely on HINSON to make the job much easier for you. A must-install next time you've got the transmission out of your C6/7 Corvette.

A "One Man Job" Remote Clutch Bleeder Line!