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GTO Aluminum Driveshaft 800HP 2004-2006

GTO Aluminum Driveshaft 800HP 2004-2006


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HINSON Motorsports is proud to release the newest driveshaft option for the 2004 - 2006 Pontiac GTO. Replacing your stock weak two-piece GTO driveshaft with the one piece HINSON GTO Aluminum Driveshaft is one of the best modifications you can perform to the '04-06 GTO. You will enjoy smoother shifts, less rotating mass for more horsepower to the rear wheels, and better throttle response. This single modification gives you both greater reliability and performance.

The HINSON GTO Aluminum Driveshaft 800HP features a dual pattern differential flange that will work for both auto and manual transmissions. The driveshaft bolts to the factory rear pinion yoke. It is ready to install out of the box. Simply grind the rear seat belt bolt that interferes with the driveshaft. You will remove you junky two-piece GM driveshaft and replace slide this beauty in place. This project is easily accomplished with basic hand tools. Your only question will be why you didn't do it sooner.

We rated the Sportsman shaft at 800HP in a track scenario. This will be the most popular version of the shaft for high performance street cars. The Drag (1,100HP) rating shaft is for high performance drivers using a sticky tire at the race track. If you're running a street tire (non-DOT drag radial), the Sportsman shaft will be your selection.

  • Drag Shaft Horsepower Rating 800hp
  • Tube Wall Thickness 0.120"
  • Tube Finish - Natural (Polished shown in pictures)
  • Critical Speed Rating - 160mph or 7,800rpm
  • Includes: Balanced Driveshaft, Installation Hardware - 12.9 Grade, Thread Locker

Inventory Notes -
  • Stock 26 spline shafts are usually in stock or very short lead times.
  • 31 Spline shafts are built to order. Allow an average of 1 week for fabrication.
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