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450lph In-Tank E85 Fuel Pump High Pressure Version with Installation Kit

450lph In-Tank E85 Fuel Pump High Pressure Version with Installation Kit


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High Performance E85 Compatible 450 lph Intank Fuel Pump With Installation Kit and Strainer

The HINSON Motorsports 450LPH fuel pump is fully E85 compatible and one of the highest flowing fuel pumps on the market. It is designed to meet the demands of late model performance street and race cars. The pump has a quiet design that allows it to work in your daily driver or all out race application.?á

These fuel pumps are the critical component in the HINSON Motorsports direct fit dual fuel pump assemblies. Check here for more information (coming soon).?á

Our 450lph pump is designed on the F90000274 which has a higher pressure relief valve. This is crucial for high output fuel systems commonly found in late model turbo applications. Many late model model fuel systems start at 60psi (LSX-based) and rise with boost pressure as determined by your fuel pressure regulator.?á

The F90000274 uses a check valve to prevent back-flow and keep your fuel system primed. This stops those annoying "hard to start" moments of priming a fuel system.?á

Fitment and Size Information - The 450LPH fuel pump is roughly the same dimensions of the popular GSS340, GSS341, and GSS342 fuel pumps and many OEM fuel pumps. However, the base of the F90000274 is larger and will require effort to fit inside a stock fuel pump housing. In many cases, the stock fuel pump assemblies are made of plastic and need to be "strategically broken" for an aftermarket pump to be installed. If you're looking for a direct fit, check our new fuel pump installation systems for popular truck, SUV, and car applications.?á

  • Common Names ?Çô Walbro 450, GST-450, 485, Walbro 465, 400E, 450 High Pressure
  • Every pump is flow tested prior to packaging!
  • Flow Rate - Check Graph
  • Pressure Relief Valve Opens at 112psi
  • E85 Compatibility - Excellent
  • Max Current Draw - 22 amps
  • Hose Barb Size - 3/8"
  • Built-in Check Valve- Yes

Includes -?á

  • HINSON Motorsports E85 compatible 450LPH Fuel Pump
  • 1x Flat pre-filter / strainer
  • 2x Hose Clamps
  • 2x wire crimp connectors
  • 1x wire connector with wire pigtail
  • 1x 3/8" id rubber hose safe for E85 & gasoline, 4" long

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